Here’s an idea of some of the services Right Hand Girl can provide:

  • Family calendar management

  • Running errands

  • Tackling your never ending to do list

  • Coordinating travel plans

  • Full home organization

  • Household item inventory maintenance

  • Personalized weekly grocery checklist & inventory maintenance

  • Event planning & coordinating


RHG Client Testimonials

“You are doing a really good job at getting our lives organized.  We’ve felt a huge sense of relief since having you around.  Thanks for everything! “

- Liz S.

“Having a Right Hand Girl has been seriously life changing!”

- Mary D.

“You have changed our lives for the better. We have more time to be a family now that our to do list is taken care of. Thank you, RHG!”

- Lauren B.


RHG has worked in:

New York City
The Hamptons
Los Angeles
Des Moines